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Nature of Business: SHEQ Management, Recruitment Solutions and

Competence Based Learning & Learning Management Systems Development

About Us

Our unique ability to customize service delivery, sustain long term personal relationships with our clients and going the extra mile, makes us an invaluable partner in the relevant fields. We relish the opportunity to forming a long term, mutually rewarding relationship with your company.





“Let us help you do your part”

Alpha-mega Enterprises was established in October 2011 by Ryan van Greunen, an expert in the field of Occupational Health and Safety Management. Andries van Greunen, a highly skilled and competent artisan with over 40 years’ experience in the industrial sector and Susan van Greunen, a professional in the field of business administration and client and business relations.

Alpha-mega Enterprises have also acquired the expertise of a highly skilled, qualified, professional, and internationally experienced team of Competence Based Skills Development experts to compliment and diversify our service portfolio.

Alpha-Mega Enterprises currently serve numerous clients in various sectors. These clients provide services to some of the industry giants and include amongst others:  ArcelorMittal, Sasol, Natref, and BHP Billiton. We have also rendered our services to international clients such as Oman India Fertilizer Company (Sultanate of Oman), SASOL Midlands & OMNIA Fertilizer, a Division of the Omnia group, giving you the assurance that the level and quality of our service adhere to and comply with the most rigorous international standards and requirements.

To be recognized as a global leader and provider of choice regarding SHEQ Management, Recruitment Solutions and Competence Based Training & Learning Management Systems design and development.

Mission Statement

Benefits of choosing us:

You will have the assurance that your company’s best interests are carried at heart.

Any changing needs of your business will be handled in a professional and speedy manner.

You will have the backup and support of experts with over 45 years’ experience.

Specializing in SHEQ Management , Recruitment Solutions and Competence Based Skills Development puts us in the unique position ahead of our competitors enabling us to provide you with the peace of mind that tailor made tools and systems designed to your specific requirements and standards will be implemented to effectively address your specific organizational needs and requirements to give you, the valued client, the leading edge.