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Nature of Business: SHEQ Management, Recruitment Solutions and

Competence Based Learning & Learning Management Systems Development

Nature of Business: SHEQ Management , Recruitment Solutions and Competence Based Learning & Learning Management Systems Development.

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We at Alpha-mega Enterprises understand the dynamics of the modern labour market and complexities of safety in the workplace, providing qualified and skilled personnel to industry and the need to provide employees with appropriate skills and competencies required to understand their role and contribution to the success of the organization. We therefore recognize the opportunity to provide you with expert services in the fields of OHS Management, Competency Based Training- (CBT) and Learning Management Systems (LMS) development. Alpha-mega Enterprises is also a proud supplier of appropriately skilled and qualified personnel to effectively compliment your existing labour force. Our focus is to provide each and every client with a world class product and service, tailor made to address your specific needs. Our after-sales service is aimed at continuously providing our valued clients with the added value expected from a dynamic and innovative service provider.

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