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Nature of Business: SHEQ Management, Recruitment Solutions and

Competence Based Learning & Learning Management Systems Development

We are confident that our services will effectively address your specific needs. Our goal is to release you from often cumbersome staffing complications, address legal compliance issues, provide focused and position specific skills development to empower your workforce to perform at optimal levels and to ensure optimal return on your investment. All aforementioned is focused at increasing organizational exposure to establish a power-base as a supplier of choice. Alpha-mega Enterprises render services both nationally and internationally. Where you need us - that’s where we will be.

By choosing Alpha-mega Enterprises as your business partner, your organization will:


1. Recruitment Solutions.

Be relieved from complicated and legal staffing issues.

Have the flexibility to adapt your workforce to suit your budget.

Expose the advantages of employee skills assessments and competence declarations by highly qualified                   experts.

Curb expenditure related to ‘cost to company’ budget factors.

Employ an experienced and qualified workforce focused on optimal production outputs.

Employ skilled and qualified artisans who understand the significance of maintenance and its contribution                   to the bottom-line profitability of the company .

Become a company of choice.

2. SHEQ Management Services.

Comply with legal and other requirements.

Effectively manage on-site safety issues.

Reduce incidents and non-conformities.

Ensure continual improvement.

Have a SHEQ conscious workforce.

Secure a return on investment.

Receive specialized health and safety training.

Have expert advice readily available.

3. Competence Based Skills Developing.

  Competence Profiling and Mapping.

  Plant and Process Architecture Analysis.

  Utility Services Identification and Analysis.

  Skills Gap Analysis.

Learning Program Design and Development.

  Implementing and Facilitating Skills Development Programs.

  Learning Management System Design and Development.

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